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photo Hi, I'm stas, and you're welcome into my humble den. Well, actually my name is Stanislaw Yurievich Pusep (or, even better, Станислав Юрьевич Пусеп). I was born in Russia, but my family moved to Brazil in 1994, so I live here for more than a half of my life, which probably makes me more brazilian than russian. Anyway, this is Internet, so who really cares 'bout it?!

Since 2005, I am studying Industrial Design at Faculdade de Artes, Arquitetura e Comunicação / Universidade Estadual Paulista (FAAC/Unesp). My specialization is a Product Design.

But before that, I studied Computer Science for... I guess three years. Maybe two. I mean, I love computers, but I didn't found interesting... their science; thus I gradually abandoned my studies.

However, the computer is my main creation tool, which means that most of my creations are digital and thus can be shared via Internet. So, as you may guess, this is the sole purpose of this tiny site.

Actually, it comes to replace my old site, which I made using Notepad and which was very ugly and outdated (astonishing 2.5 years with no (significant) updates!). This one is based on Drupal, and the design is a slightly modified FriendsElectric theme, which I expect do personalize gradually.

So, I hope you enjoy navigating here! Best wishes!

And here is a list of resources which can be used to (somehow) contact me on the web:

  1. The contact me link. Use it to send me an email.
  2. "Social networks":
    • You can check my bookmarks at
    • I also have a profile at Orkut, a relationship network quite popular here in Brazil
  3. Project repositories:
  4. And, finally, my academic curriculum can be browsed at CNPq site through Plataforma Lattes

Now, if you want to link to my site, just Copy & Paste this HTML code to display my banner:

<!-- BEGIN stas'den banner -->
<a href=""
target="_blank"><img src=""
width=88 height=31 alt="stas' den"
style="border: 1px solid #333333"></a>
<!-- END stas'den banner -->

Here's how it looks like:
stas' den


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stas » January 3, 2007 » 15:26

stas'den completes 1 year :D

I'm very happy & proud to announce that stas'den completes 1 year! And, wow, it is even (more or less) regularly updated now Laughing out loud
The images and blog sections are growing constantly. And everything is sponsored by Google AdSense, so I don't even "pay" for hosting Smiling
So, here we are, heading for 2008 Eye-wink


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stas » January 24, 2008 » 08:54

What resolution is your screen at (approximately)?


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stas » January 9, 2007 » 10:36

Happy New Year!!!

Finally it's done! My new web site is online today. So, a new year, a new homepage. Very good beginning Laughing out loud

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stas » December 30, 2006 » 14:04

(Almost) done!

I decided to remake my entire web site under some CMS (Content Management System)... Well, this happened a long time ago. After some (extensive) trial & error, almost giving up, I've finally installed a CMS Drupal on my web server. After all, it only occuped 2 MB installed, and the demo site looked nice... Well, this happened about one month ago. I was able to move all of my old site content to the Drupal, and found it quite easy! Thus, I liked Drupal a lot. It isn't feature-bloated as many CMS are, but the features I need can be easily installed as modules. I can use my favourite HTML editor (Mozilla Composer Smiling) and even some raw HTML to make my pages, instead of some messy Web-based composer. And there are lots of free, powerfull modules and beautiful themes for Drupal available directly from their official site! Drupal r0x!!! Greetings to it's developers!


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stas » May 20, 2006 » 14:35

The show must go on!!!

I'm back after almost 2 years of Web-inactivity!!! I really changed my mind about computers & Internet since then... Maybe it happened because I left Computer Science course behind and went into Industrial Design area?! Anyway, I used to keep a geeky site; now it will be... hummm, a nerd designer's one! No more raw HTML puked out of a bare-bone Notepad; and yes to wacko Flash animations! Enjoy it Eye-wink


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stas » April 18, 2006 » 01:23