Duke3D D.M. cheater

E1L2 near the dark room elevator: enhanced brightness
E1L2 near the dark room elevator: enhanced brightness

Do you consider yourself a good Duke3D deathmatch player?! Neither I do Eye-wink
For our luck, 3D Realms released Duke3D source code under GPL license at April 1st, 2003. No, I'm not fooling you! Since then, several people are enhancing this classic game, extending it's portability and adding some cool features to it. There are ports like icculus Duke3D port and JonoF's Duke Nukem 3D Port. So, with the source in my hands, I decided to make my own version. I called it Duke Nukem 3D v1.666. It is 100% compatible with the original MS-DOS Duke3D v1.5, and adds some cheats into deathmatch games:
  • Omniscience. You can peek at your opponents screen (using "Coop View", which now works even in the deathmatch mode!), and hear the sounds they make (you may hear them scream when hit at the long distances). You are able to see in darkness all the time, without using the night vision goggles, and without that ugly green screen tinting. You'll know when your opponent drops a holoduke, so you won't waste your ammo with it. And finally, you won't see that confusing steroids trail anymore!
  • Aim bot features. Aim bot (which can be turned off!) will track the closest visible opponent automatically. If you're close enough to your opponent, aim bot will also try to kick him while shooting. And it will auto-activate med kit when you get shot! Another cool feature associated to the aim bot is the auto-jetpack. Jump from a high place, and jetpack will be activated automatically when you're close to the ground.
  • Practical enhancements. When you find a new weapon, game won't switch to it automatically. You will always see which weapon your opponent is using, without activating the "Weapon Mode". Demo viewer doesn't switches camera automatically anymore. And game doesn't prompts you with credit screens/animations when started or finished.
  • DNCROZ during multiplayer?! Even this is possible in the cheater! The only problem is: both players should type it when the game is paused, or the "Out Of Sync" condition occurs. Other cheats that work in the multiplayer game are: DNSCOTTY###; DNCOORDS, DNVIEW; DNRATE; DNBETA; DNTODD; DNSHOWMAP; DNALLEN; DNDEBUG.
  • ".ANM viewer". Just type DNENDING while playing, and the game skips right to the episode ending video Smiling
Please note that the most useful cheat, the aim bot, only works fine with the game's internal AI opponents (A.K.A. "PP bot", started with "duke3d.exe /q2 /a" command). It may work in the acceptable way on crossover 100 Mbps LAN connection (peer-to-peer), although... And the worst thing ever: Duke3D v1.666 will only work on real DOS mode, so forget it if you only have Windows NT/2k/XP (anyway, those who play Duke3D over network frequently do have Windows 9x installed for this specific purpose Smiling)
Still interested?! It's a bit difficult to install, though... First, you need to have the original Duke Nukem 3D v1.5 installed. Second, backup it!!! After that:
  1. Unpack the DN3D1666.ZIP into your Duke3D installation directory, overwriting files.
  2. Configure Duke3D. Run SETUP.EXE, and go to "Controller Setup", then "Choose Controller Type", and then select "Keyboard and External". After this, select "Setup External", "Change External Program Name", and type "DUKE3D.EXE" there. Now you can save config, but DON'T LAUNCH A GAME YET!!!
    (NOTE: it would be great if you disabled Turn_Left and Turn_Right keyboard bindings, although, if you don't plan to use "AutoAimSelfCalibrate" setting in DUKE3D.666 file or won't use Auto-Aim feature at all, you don't need to do this).
  3. Now, edit the file DUKE3D.666. Open it in your favorite editor (EDIT.COM Eye-wink), and you'll see that it's almost self-explanatory. Note that your mouse is now configured by this file, any SETUP settings will be ignored! Also note that default mouse settings for v1.666 imitates the default settings for the original Duke3D v1.5.
I also recommend you to read the "DN3D1666.ME!" file, supplied in the download package.

Relative project: GRP packer plugin for the Total Commander.

Sorry, no source code is available for direct download. However, if you're interested in it, contact me and I'll provide it to you! Thus, GPL license of the original Duke3D source wouldn't be harmed, I beleive...


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Micro$oft Messenger Hack

Micro$oft Messenger Hack screenshot

"Micro$oft Messenger Hack" (MSMH for short Smiling is a GUI alternative to the command line "net send", with some nice additional features. Please remember that "Messenger" referred here is a Windows NT/2k/XP system service, that "Transmits net send and Alerter service messages between clients and servers. This service is not related to Windows Messenger.". Messages transferred using this service looks just like this one:

"net send usage" screenshot

MSMH is able to send the same message as above example. It lists machines on the local network, so you won't mistype host names anymore. It can send messages multiple times, also (just imagine yourself flooding "*" Eye-wink. And, using "WinPopup" method, both "From" and "To" fields can be spoofed. By the other side, "net send" method can send messages beyond your LAN, given the IP address of the remote host.
MSMH executable is very small, as I programmed it in assembler language. But beware: Service Packs make the Messenger service disabled by default, and firewalls won't allow remote host to receive your messages. Well, MSMH was much funnier when I wrote it a long time ago Eye-wink


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